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Privacy Policy

I (Tenant) may use this online rent payment account only if I am a current tenant named on the lease agreement, or an authorized agent of the tenant, at a property managed by Pelican Management, Inc., and have agreed to participate in this online payment service by properly registering in accordance with these terms and conditions. I acknowledge that any payments made by anyone other than the named tenant on the lease will not convey any tenancy rights to such payer.
I hereby authorize Pelican Management, Inc. (“Pelican”) to electronically withdraw from my bank account the above amount as payment toward the outstanding balance due for my rent.
I understand that by providing Pelican with the account number, routing number, and check number, I authorize Pelican to withdraw funds in the amount I have agreed upon.
Should the agreed upon withdrawal date fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the payment will be withdrawn from my account on the first or second business day thereafter. I acknowledge that all automatic withdrawals will be ACH Transactions and must comply with the provisions of U.S. law.
I agree to provide all necessary authorization to my financial institution to allow the agreed payment to be withdrawn from my account. I understand that I am responsible for obtaining all information regarding my financial institution’s procedure for authorizing automatic withdrawals, including, but not limited to, discovering and paying any fees associated with such authorization.
I agree that Pelican shall not be responsible for any fees charged by my financial institution in connection with this electronic withdrawal and that any such fees shall have no effect on the outstanding balance being collected. I understand that if the automatic withdrawal is rejected by my financial institution, due to insufficient funds or other circumstances, Pelican may, but is not required to, attempt to resubmit the automatic withdrawal. Any automatic withdrawal not honored by my financial institution will be considered not paid and could subject to me to additional fees.
I acknowledge that this website is hosted by Yardi Systems, Inc., and I am bound by all of their terms and conditions.